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SALVA Premium Foods
  • Coriander Powder
  • Turmeric Powder
  • Black Pepper
  • Crushed Chilly
  • Chilly Powder
  • Kashmiri Chilly Powder
  • Wheat Powder
  • Appam, Idiyappam Powder
  • Chamba Puttu Powder
  • White Puttu Powder
  • Roasted Rava

About Us

SALVA Premium Foods is the brand owned by Sincere Food Products. While fulfilling our mission we have a long-term vision of creating a world-renowned brand of our traditional culinary preparations. The vision is achieved through un-compromising quality and safety of the foods produced and distributed.

We believes and follows a simple theory – “From hygiene comes purity. And from purity comes taste”. Right from the time recipes are conceived by food experts to the manufacturing process to the time it reaches the customer, a great deal of importance is given to hygiene as much as its given to taste. The only one personalised brand of foods with assured hygiene and quality could certainly tickle the taste-buds of the customers world over leading to a kind of nostalgia of the Gods’ Own Country and their beloved homely preparations wherever they are. Read more...


Chilly Powder

Coriander Powder

Black Pepper

Turmeric Powder
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